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Have Some Fun With Bumper Stickers And Make A Statement - Hey! That's Politics!

Most people appreciate good bumper sticker humor. It reflects the driver’s personality and it gives other drivers a laugh (if they get it). You can tell a lot about a person just by the bumper sticker on their car. Example, consider the people that are bumper sticker oblivious; they still have the same stickers on their car from the 1996 presidential election! That just screams “Hello! I’m too lazy to scrape the rotted outdated stickers off my car!” It’s true that bumper stickers are put there to illicit some type of response, but after ten years it’s not the kind that was first intended! Most people aren’t that unaware thankfully. I want to be entertained, not put to sleep! If it’s not witty I don’t want to see it.

Bumper stickers convey a number of different viewpoints, and can be obnoxious, offensive, rude, religious, political, funny, sad, philosophical, or just plain stupid! How many times have you pulled up behind a car and tried to get closer to read a bumper sticker only to see that it just wasn’t that funny? People need to use more original thought and think of how they can entertain fellow motorists! It should be more than just Harley Davidson logos and Calvin relieving himself all over everything. This lack of originality does absolutely nothing for me! And then there are the bumper stickers that were probably given as gag gifts, and so bad that they were never intended to be actually seen by anyone else, let alone placed on a vehicle. (I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about here.)

If you haven’t already, look online for a great selection of bumper stickers that you would be proud to display. If you can’t find one that truly expresses how you really feel, then make your own. Who knows, maybe yours will be so unique and popular that everyone will want one just like it! (I said maybe!) Making your own creation is fairly inexpensive and a fun way to give others some food for thought, and make great gifts too. Just remember, if you don’t “get it” don’t put it on your car. This could make for an embarrassing moment when asked what your bumper sticker means! You also don’t want your bumper sticker to be so offensive that other motorists start throwing their Starbucks cups out the window at you! Just keep it clever and entertaining and we’ll all enjoy it! 


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