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Money! ...Money! ...Money! ...Uhh, maybe not?

You are cleaning out an old closet and you come across a hidden treasure. Hopefully it’s something that is worth more than an old school yearbook. The types of treasure that most people would love to find are old stock certificates.

Decades ago many people would purchase stock certificates and then hide them away as part of their nest egg. In some cases, the individual would pass without telling anyone of their existence. Without knowledge of the certificates, the heirs would be oblivious to the fact that they owned a piece of a company.

Finding old stock certificates does not guarantee that you’ll have extra money in your hand before long. Some old stock certificates are actually not worth the paper they are printed on since the company that the stocks were originally purchased in may have closed its doors years before.

... first step you can take if you happen upon some old stock certificates is to research them ...

The first step you can take if you happen upon some old stock certificates is to research them. With all of the resources available to you online, this can be an easy and successful endeavor. 

Simply punch the name of the company that appears on the old stock certificates into google. You’ll most likely be greeted with hundreds of results. Wade through them looking for contact information or information that reveals the state of the company today. 

If your online search doesn’t give you enough information you might want to consider contacting a company that specializes in researching them. These companies have experience in dealing with old securities and can help you find the information you need. Call one by telephone and explain what you’ve found and they’ll let you know if they can be of assistance.

Once you do find the information you need you’ll want to contact the company in question. Although they can’t handle the sale of the stock themselves, they can tell you the name of the company that handles that for them. 

If the company isn’t around anymore it’s likely that the old stock certificates aren’t worth anything. You could throw them away at this point or you might want to keep them. Some individuals consider them a wonderful keepsake that reminds them of the family member who originally purchased them. 

... certificates can be worth a fortune ...

Some old stock certificates can be worth a fortune. Your parent or grandparent might have decided to invest in a relatively new company that is now a billion dollar enterprise. Although it’s very unlikely that this is the case, it has been known to happen.

Regardless of whether or not your old stock certificates are worth anything, finding out if you are an instant millionaire by researching them can be an exciting and interesting treasure hunt. 




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